Are you ready for the future?

Today's students will see and experience amazing things during their lives. Driven by the pace of technological advancements and a growing global economy, they will see virtually after product, service and aspect of life change again and again during their lifetimes, which will impact them in myriad ways. The video that follows will open students' eyes to the future and how they can and must prepare themselves for their future. (12 min)

Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation that was formed for the educational and charitable purpose of: 1) Promoting student and community awareness as to the challenges and opportunities the changing regional, national and global economies present for the future; and 2) Providing educational instruction, curriculum, research, training, mentoring and other information that helps develop the entrepreneurial, economic, business, and scientific literacy of students and the community, and other 21st Century skills that may needed for the future.

Link to the Are You Ready video that is included in this video segment:

About The Presenter:
John M. Klipfell III, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) and Co-Director, Believe in Ohio

Mr. Klipfell is a non-practicing CPA, retired American Greetings Corporation Senior Executive and internal entrepreneur, small business owner and entrepreneur, and former non-profit organization executive director and philanthropic entrepreneur. He is currently Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio and Co-Director of the Believe in Ohio program.

During his twenty-five year career at American Greetings, Mr. Klipfell held a number of executive positions in accounting, international operations, general management, marketing, and as an internal entrepreneur. In this later capacity, he was responsible for developing American Greetings' CreataCard kiosk business, consumer software business, and Internet marketing business. At the time of his retirement in 2000, he was President and CEO of

Since his retirement from the corporate world, Mr. Klipfell has been involved in a number of commercial and philanthropic entrepreneurial initiatives, including development of a family-owned business, several programs to help the needy, and the development of Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio and the Believe in Ohio program. Mr. Klipfell has a keen interest in and awareness of the global economy, having lived and worked overseas, as well as having traveled to more than one hundred countries. Mr. Klipfell has a bachelor's degree in business from Bowling Green State University, where he has been recognized by the University and its Alumni Board of Trustees as an Accomplished Graduate of the College of Business Administration.