Crossover into the Twilight Zone: A Journey Limited Only by Your Imagination

Mr. Jack Scott
President and founder of Applied Systems & Technology Transfer

Mr. Scott is president and founder of Applied Systems & Technology Transfer (AST2) and Chairman of the non-profit, Advanced Methods in Innovation (AMI). With support from DARPA, AST2 developed the INVENTORcloud™ Program which is offered by AMI for grades K-16 that challenge students to design, invent, create and solve real-world challenges. Student use the INVENT3D printer and solid modeling programs to integrate innovation, creativity and design thinking with 21st century skills of communication, collaboration and critical thinking. He designed the INVENT3D printer and developed the student-work program in Youngstown City School District for its manufacturing. Under his leadership, AMI is developing the INVENT3D MakerSpace on the campus of the Youngstown Business Incubator, offering virtual and on-site use and education of 3D prototyping equipment and design resources to students, entrepreneurs and the public. Scott has served as president and COO of Parsons, an international engineering, design and construction firm with over 15,000 employees and revenues exceeding $5 billion. Scott has expertise in chemical weapons and hazardous waste disposal, awarded seven patents and experience in defense and environmental markets. Throughout his career, he has been involved in education and has a passion for using technology in education to enhance the learning environment. He received an honorary Doctor of Science Degree from YSU; The Dwight Look College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Award and Department of Industrial Engineering Outstanding Alumnus Award, Texas A&M; Captains of Industry Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers; Golden Beaver Award, Boy Scouts of America; and the Life Time Achievement Award, Industrial Engineering, State of Texas. Scott received his bachelor's of engineering in mechanical engineering from YSU and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M.