Blackstone LaunchPad at Case Western Reserve University

Blackstone LaunchPad is open to CWRU students & alumni who want to explore their business ideas and start up a business. Mr. Sopko talks about this dynamic innovative new program that is only available on a few campuses across the USA. Mr. Sopko discusses the program at CWRU, how it works, and the benefits it provides. A number of participating students also discuss their startup ventures. (12 min)

About The Presenter:
Mr. Bob Sopko, Director, Blackstone LaunchPad

Mr. Sopko serves as Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad at Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Sopko began his career with Revco Drug/CVS Pharmacy and continued for over 18 years. This included marketing responsibilities with a strong emphasis on the creative use of technology. He was then involved in growing 30 - 40 High Tech recruiting events and development of over 600 employment sites. Mr. Sopko serves as a Member of Board of Advisors at Sunflower Solutions, LLC.