What are Believe in Ohio's Regional "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio" Online Courses?

Believe in Ohio is pleased to offer it's 2015-2016 "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio" online courses.  Each regional course includes 100-140 videos and online assessments quizzes featuring Ohio s leading entrepreneurial and innovative organizations and individual thought leaders who collectively provide a virtual field trip through Ohio's Innovation Economy.


"Introduction To The Innovation Economy Of Ohio" Online Course Region Selector

Click on your region's logo to find the Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio information portal and online course for your region of the State.


Course videos can be viewed from the Believe In Ohio website by clicking a region's logo below, on iTunes University (for iPhone, iPad and Apple computer users), or on the State of Ohio's iLearn web-based platform.  On the iLearn platform individual student progress and quiz grades can be easily tracked by teachers.  (See instructions for using the iLearn platform for grading at the bottom of this page)

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Each regional online course includes two components:

1.)   A four part "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio" course that includes video lectures that are common to the entire state.  (Content tracks A, B, D & E)

2.)   A one part "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Each Ohio Region" that includes a series of videos that reflect the innovation economy of that region.  (Content track C)

The video lectures included in these courses may be used in three ways:


1.) as part of a "Credit Flex" course for high school credit

2.) as part of a "College Credit Plus" course for college credit, or

3.) as individual video lectures of interest to teachers and students

Each lesson in the "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio" online course includes a video lecture with speaker biography and an online assessment quiz.

Accessing the Online Courses

Using the iLearn Platform

The most significant feature of the iLearn Platform to view online courses is that individual student progress and quiz grades can be easily tracked by teachers.  In order to take advantage of this free platform, teachers must register here, and will then be sent instructions for accessing their personalized classrooms.

To learn more about the iLearn platform, view these demonstration videos that provide an overview of the features of the platform, and show how the course can function in your classroom: