Real world stories of seven entrepreneurs at the Akron Global Business Accelerator

Seven different successful entrepreneurs discuss their startup businesses and the challenges that they faced and offer their wise counsel to prospective entrepreneurs. All have their roots in the Akron Global Business Accelerator .

About the Akron Global Business Incubator:
Founded in 1983 as an initiative of the City of Akron, the Akron Global Business Accelerator provides entrepreneurial support to technology-based start-ups in diverse fields, including: biomedical, energy, advanced materials, IT, instruments, controls and electronics. The Accelerator is nationally recognized for its innovation and has assisted client companies in securing more than $85 million in investment, generating over 630 new high-paying jobs, more than $180 million in sales and more than $100 million in payroll since 2008.

The Akron Global Business Accelerator offers 200,000 sq. ft of modern, multi-use space at below market rates. More importantly, the Accelerator provides a wide variety of technical, administrative, marketing and profession services that a business may not be able to secure or afford. The Accelerator is staffed by professionals with deep entrepreneurial experience and expertise. High-tech companies from around the globe take advantage of our key business services.

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Individuals and companies included in the video include:
• Mr. Phillip Brennan, CEO and Mr. Mark Terzola, COO – Echogen Power Systems
• Mr. Brian Deagan, CEO - Knotice
• Mr. Victor Meles, CFO – Nichevision, Inc.
• Mr. Andy Winson, Finance Director – Summit Data Communications
• Mr. Russell Cooper, VP – Business Development – Vadxx Energy