Wise counsel offered to prospective entrepreneurs by the directors of the GLIDE incubator

In this video, the Co-Directors of the GLIDE Technology Incubator in Lorain County, Mr. Cliff Reynolds and Mr. Dennis Cocco discuss the GLIDE program and what it's like and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

About the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE):
GLIDE is a comprehensive regional innovation center, resource hub, and business incubator that supports all facets of the start-up, development, and growth of enterprises. One of 12 Edison Technology Incubators in Ohio and located on Lorain County Community College's campus, GLIDE provides support services to technology-oriented startups.

GLIDE believes that innovators and entrepreneurs spur economic development. Its region—from Lorain County and all of Northeast Ohio—is in a dramatic period of change. The region has more entrepreneurs and innovators then in any period in the last 50 years because of the resources available to encourage and mentor this unique set of individuals. Being located on a college campus also allows GLIDE to help students see entrepreneurism as a viable career path.

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About The Presenter:
Mr. Cliff Reynolds & Mr. Dennis Cocco, Co-Directors of the Great Lakes Innovation & Development Enterprise (GLIDE) at Lorain County Community College

Mr. Reynolds is Co-Director of GLIDE and is responsible for the planning, organizing, and directing of all GLIDE's activities.

In 1984, Mr. Reynolds co-founded DIY Home Warehouse, a regional home improvement warehouse retailer where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. The Cleveland-based startup grew to 16 stores, 1,800 employees, and $220 million in annual sales. He led the executive management team through a $25 million NASDAQ IPO.

Prior to joining GLIDE, Mr. Reynolds founded Chatham Consulting, LLC, which helped privately held companies to analyze product mix, advertising programs, expense structures and administrative overhead. Previously, he held a senior level VP position at Eclipse Industries, Inc., a regional home improvement warehouse retailer located in St. Louis, MO.

A native of Boston, MA, Mr. Reynolds earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Western New England College in Springfield, MA. He and his wife live in Hudson, Ohio.

Find out more at: http://www.glideit.org/about-us/staff/cliff-reynolds

Mr. Cocco is Co-Director of GLIDE and responsible for developing marketing and technology-based business strategies in support of GLIDE.

Mr. Cocco was Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications of PolyOne Corporation, a leading global polymer services company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. At PolyOne and its predecessor companies, Geon and BF Goodrich, he was the company spokesperson for inquiries from the news media, prospective investors and analysts. He also had responsibility for communications with government officials and legislatures to make certain the company's views were heard regarding legislative bills that can affect the future of PolyOne employees.

His more than 37-year career included product and application research and development, as well as technical service and marketing. He served various business management roles including being Director of Marketing. His experience also includes three years with Exxon Mobile Research and Engineering, and ten years with Diamond Shamrock

Mr. Cocco graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. Find out more at: http://www.glideit.org/about-us/staff/dennis-cocco