The Power of Microbial Genomics

Dr. Brad Goodner
Professor of Biology at Hiram College Engineering at Cleveland State University

Dr. Goodner is a Professor of Biology and holds the Edward J. Smerek Endowed Chair in Mathematics, Sciences & Technology at Hiram College. He is also Director of the Center for Scientific Engagement at Hiram. Dr. Goodner teaches introductory biology, genetics, microbiology, bioinformatics and medical microbiology. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Goodner's passion has been to find new ways to involve undergrads, high school students and himself in cutting-edge microbial genomics projects that allow him to merge teaching and research. Dr. Goodner has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Texas A & M University, a Ph.D. in Biology from Purdue University, and postdoctoral training from University of North Carolina. In 2010, Dr. Goodner started up an entrepreneurial genomics education business called the Hiram Genomics Store.