IT & Technical Data Interoperability

Mr. Michael Lemon
Chairman & CEO of International TechneGroup, Inc (ITI)

Mr. Michael Lemon is Chairman & CEO of International TechneGroup, Inc (ITI). Having been with ITI since its inception in 1983, Mr. Lemon has provided engineering and technical leadership for many ITI New Product Development and Data Integration programs. With a focus on the optimization of Technical Data Interoperability, significant impacts in development productivity have been achieved at various clients; as measured by Time to Cash and Cost of Engineering Change. Previous roles included leading ITI's Virtual Product Development Group, where Mr. Lemon and his team of highly qualified specialists developed advanced capabilities for managing and visualizing systems engineering data for major ITI Global programs. This involved facilitating global product development teams through aligning state of the art collaboration technology with best practice analysis led engineering processes. Today, as Chairman and CEO, Mr. Lemon dedicates his time to building strategic partnerships and developing global business opportunities. Mr. Lemon has a degree in Economics from the University of Cincinnati. He has also worked for Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.