LaunchNet Program and other Entrepreneurship programs at Kent State University

Kent State has the LaunchNet Program and an extensive array of other entrepreneurship programs for its students and alumni. Ms. Messing discusses the LaunchNet Program (located in the KSU Student Center) and the other extensive programs available to Kent State students and alumni. Participating students also share their experiences (Filmed in front of a high school student audience.) (19 min)

About The Presenter:
Ms. Julie Messing, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives & LaunchNet Program

Ms. Messing is an Instructor and the Executor Director for Entrepreneurship Initiatives and the LaunchNet Program at Kent State University. She developed and led the implementation of the entrepreneurship program. The program consists of two minors, a major, a living-learning community, speakers' series, Entrepreneurship Extravaganza and an entrepreneurial lab. She works closely with the business community to bring opportunities to the classroom as well as support entrepreneurial development in Northeast Ohio. Ms. Messing is the recipient of the Paul L Pfeiffer Creative Teaching Award and the Non-Tenure Track Teaching Award. Both awards recognize faculty for excellence in teaching. She has taught entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Ms. Messing is also President of her own business consulting organization, Transitions Advisory Group, Inc. She started Transitions to provide business consulting services to organizations experiencing or preparing for change. Her organization has developed business & marketing plans, customer service programs, profitability models and other services to help her clients enter new markets.

Ms. Messing is active with the Junior League, serves as a Trustee for The Akron Area YMCA and is a founding director and Previous President of The Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC). She is also a member of the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) where she presented as a finalist for the Innovative Pedagogy Award in 2009 and the winner in 2010. She is also co-author of "Constructing an Innovation Model of Entrepreneurship Education Through Regional Collaboration", published in the Journal of Entrepreneurial Education, Spring 2009.