The LaunchNet Program at Lorain County Community College

The LaunchNet Program is open to the students and alumni of LCCC who want to explore their business ideas and start up a business. Ms. Lapina discusses the many benefits and programs available to LCCC students and alumni through the LaunchNet Program program which is available on only a few campuses in the USA. (10 min)

About The Presenter:
Ms. Janice Lapina, Program Manager, LaunchNet at LCCC

Ms. Lapina is responsible for the advancement and overall management of the LaunchNet Program at Lorain County Community College. Ms. Lapina has extensive experience in student services and as a business professional in the role of management, sales, training, human resources, data reporting and client services. Her credentials prior to this role include Project Coordinator for the Adult Transitions Program and Academic Advisor to students on campus. In the Adult Transitions Program, she developed the system to monitor all activities related to this population from enrollment through completion. She created and presented reports of the program's results and success for grant extensions and worked with the college's top executive to ensure continuation of the program.

As an Academic Advisor, she provided guidance to students helping discern career assessments and developing academic strategies to achieve their short and long run goals. She is passionate to assist student reach their ultimate aspirations. She received recognition as the top sales person for a national retailer and was chosen to be a representative to corporate shareholders. In another capacity, Janice was hired to help develop a learning module used by a world-renowned healthcare system. Ms. Lapina hold a BA degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Adult Learning and Development from Cleveland State University.