Braintree Business Development Center

Serving all of NE Ohio from Mansfield, Braintree helps develop technology based business as one of the Edison Incubator centers in Ohio. Mr. Leach discusses Braintree's focus on incubation, counseling, networking & education, providing access to capital and serving Northeast Ohio as part of the JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network. (Filmed in front of a high school audience) (18 min)

About The Presenter:
Mr. Bob Leach, Director of Operations

Mr. Leach joined Braintree in April of 2007. As Director of Operations, he coordinates all activities of the incubation program. Bob provides primary interaction with tenant companies for incubator services, exercising agreements and contracts, business counseling and sourcing additional services. He has responsibility for the operations and maintenance of the facility and has completed certification in the Incubation Management Certification Program through the National Business Incubation Association. Bob provides IT and network support, manages the Microsoft BizSpark program and serves as Braintree's representative for the Microsoft Partner Network. Bob provides technical support in many fields of engineering primarily in alternative energy, energy production, biofuels and energy storage. Bob's experience includes 11 years in facility management, systems administration for a digital media manufacturing company, ten years in management for a national home center retailer, and four years in the US Navy. Bob is a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. His entrepreneurial experience comes from owning several companies in the construction and services industry.