Richard Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems

The SMART Center for Microsystems is a unique resource center for NE Ohio. The SMART Center is an industry-focused resource, located at Lorain County Community College, for developing Micro Electronic Mechanical System (MEMS), sensors, and microsystems into commercial products. Mr. Mather discusses the mission and workings of this important NE Ohio resource. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (24 min)

The SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems is a unique multi-user, shared-resource center for microsystems packaging, reliability testing, inspection and analysis. The SMART Center is an industry-focused resource for developing Micro Electronic Mechanical System (MEMS), sensors, and microsystems into commercial products. With a complete set of tools for microsystems packaging, testing, inspection, and design, along with technical staff and on-site customer office space, the SMART Center is a resource to the microsystems industry.

The SMART Advantage: Industry estimates are that as much as 70% of microsystems project time and expense is spent after one has a wafer level device. The SMART Center's resources are targeted at this critical point in the product design cycle which offers entrepreneurs and product design teams the tools and resources to get one through this critical period and get one's designs to market Link to the SMART Center for Microsystems Website:

About The Presenter:
Mr. Chris Mather, Director Enterprise Development at LCCC

Mr. Mather joined Lorain County Community College after having served in the electronics industry as both a businessman and an economic development professional. Mr. Mather previously worked at JumpStart, NorthEast Ohio's highly regarded business development organization, having joined them to create and lead the TechLift program in 2007. Prior to JumpStart, Mr. Mather worked for NorTech and was responsible for multiple initiatives to drive Northeast Ohio's success in the Electronics, Nanotechnology and Engineering Education areas.

Before joining NorTech in 2004, Mr. Mather was President/CEO of Ion Optics, Inc., a Waltham, MA based maker of MEMS based infrared devices. While at Ion Optics, he raised $6.4 million in venture capital to fund the company's growth toward a successful sale. Mr. Mather was also President/CEO of APSCO Inc., Ohio's largest electronic contract manufacturer, based in Perry, OH. He came to Northeast Ohio in 1996, as President of Gould Instrument Systems. Prior to coming to Ohio, Mr. Mather was General Manager of the SmartWare Division of American Power Conversion in West Kingston, RI.

Earlier in his career, Mr.Mather spent 14 years in sales and marketing and management in the computer and test and measurement industries with Hewlett Packard Company (Agilent Technologies), Denmark based Bruel and Kjaer Instruments, and Analogic. He serves on the boards of the Cleveland Engineering Society, Case's Institute for Management and Engineering (TiME) and a number of technology companies. Mr. Mather holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.