Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center

The Tech Belt Energy Center is an energy-focused incubator serving NE Ohio. Mr. Mather talks about NE Ohio's robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and the TechBelt Energy Innovation Center serving NE Ohio from Warren, OH. TechBelt is particularly focused on Energy & Natural Resources, as well as the Power Grid connectivity. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (25 min)

About The Presenter:
Mr. Chris Mather, CEO, National Initiatives

Mr. Mather is Chief Executive - National Initiatives at the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (TBEIC), which is a Department of Energy funded energy entrepreneurship center focused on energy and grid connectivity. Mr. Mather is also Director of Enterprise Development at the SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems at Lorain County Community College, which is a shared-resource, multi-user center focused on MEMS, microsystems and sensors. Mr. Mather is also President of Leveragent LLC which is a professional services firm focused on technology and commercialization center management, entrepreneurship and early stage capital.

Mr. Mather previously served as President of JumpStart Techlift Advisors and prior to that as Vice President – Entrepreneurship for NorTech. He also has served in top executive positions with a number of established and venture backed firms including, Ion Optics, Inc. (a venture backed maker of MEMS sensors), APSCO (Ohio's largest electronic manufacturing services provider), the Gould Instrument Systems subsidiary of ThermoElectron Corporation, and the SmartWare Division (software solutions and hardware accessories) of APC.

Mr. Mather has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.