Introduction to the Innovation Economy of North East Ohio

Did you know that Northeast Ohio today has one of the most vibrant and robust “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” in the USA?  After years of being derogatorily referred to as part of the “Rust Belt”, in the early 2000’s our state and regional leaders got busy and were among the first in the nation to lay the groundwork for building the Innovation Economy of Future. Since then, the nation has seen our region’s vision, leadership and hard work begin to come to fruition.

Viewers can watch more than 30 videos that demonstrate why NE Ohio is a great place for one to build their future.  If you are a student you should know about the many robust venture development organizations in Northeast Ohio that are building Northeast Ohio’s Innovation Economy.  How can you plan for your future if you don’t know how the future is being created right here in Northeast Ohio?”  Watch the videos below to learn more.

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North East Ohio Region

Introduction To The Innovation Economy Of Ohio

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c01 An Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Northeast Ohio Mr. John Klipfell, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio Ten years ago, Northeast Ohio was derogatorily referred to as part of the "Rust Belt". Today, however, Northeast Ohio is recognized as having one of the most robust Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in the country. This video provides an Introduction to the Innovation Economy of North East Ohio which every Northeast Ohio high school and college student should know about. (8 min)
c02 About the Burton D. Morgan Foundation & the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Northeast Ohio Ms. Deborah Hoover, President, the Burton D. Morgan Foundation From her vantage point as President of the Morgan Foundation and Chair of the Fund for Our Economic Future, Ms. Hoover discusses the work of the Morgan Foundation and then goes on to provide an overview of Northeast Ohio's vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) ( 18 min)
c03 About the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Northeast Ohio Ms. Deborah Hoover, President, the Burton D. Morgan Foundation Virtually every college & university in Northeast Ohio now has an active entrepreneurship program of some type. Ms. Hoover, President of the Morgan Foundation provides an overview of Northeast Ohio's robust Collegiate Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. (Filmed in front of a high school audience) ( 18 min)
c04 About the Youth Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Northeast Ohio Mr. Greg Malkin, Director, the Entrepreneur Institute at University School Did you know that Northeast Ohio has been recognized for having one of the top three youth entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world? Mr. Malkin provides an overview of the extensive array of youth entrepreneurship programs available to the students of Northeast Ohio. (16 min)
c05 JumpStart, Inc. Mr. Ray Leach, CEO, JumpStart, Inc. JumpStart is the lead venture development organization for Northeast Ohio under the Ohio Third Frontier's Entrepreneurial Signature Program. In this video, Mr. Leach discusses JumpStart's mission and describes its many outreach programs.
c06 Growth Opportunity Partners, a JumpStart Company Mr. Michael Jeans, Growth Opportunity Partners Growth Opportunities Partners is a JumpStart company that is creating a lending platform which will lend to small businesses and provide technical assistance to fund and their support growth in the communities that JumpStart serves.
c07 JumpStart Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program Mr. William Nemeth, Director, JumpStart Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program A significant part of JumpStart's mission is to mentor entrepreneurs who are starting new ventures. Mr. Nemeth discusses how JumpStart helps provide entrepreneurs with advice and critical experience in areas such as sales, marketing, venture capital fundraising, management and human resources.
c08 BioEnterprise and Biomedical Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio Mr. Aram Nerpoui, President, BioEnterprise BioEnterprise is a NE Ohio venture development organization with a mission to grow healthcare companies and commercialize bioscience technologies. Mr. Nerpouni tells how NE Ohio has become a worldwide healthcare innovation destination. His talk was the Keynote Address at the Spring 2014 NE Ohio STEM Forum.) (24 min)
c09 Small Business Development Centers of Northeast Ohio Ms. Kim Plzak, Director, Small Business Development Center at LCCC About the 13 Small Business Development Centers in Northeast Ohio
Ms. Plzak discusses the extensive network of Small Business Development Centers in NE Ohio and the many free services that they provide to help people start, sustain and grow their businesses. (11 min)
c10 Akron Global Business Accelerator (AGBA) Dr. Anthony Margida, CEO and the team at the AGBA The AGBA supports startups from its 200,000 sq ft facility in downtown Akron. The team from the AGBA discusses the mission, operation, success stories and how it supports the dozens of startups and early stage companies housed in this world renowned business accelerator.
c11 Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) ABIA Videos The ABIA inspires patient-centered discovery and invention from Akron, Ohio. The Institute brings innovative minds together to create economic and personal vitality through inspiring patient-centered discovery and invention, cutting edge workforce training and its inclusionary approach to community health improvement. This video shows how. (7 min)
c12 Bad Girl Ventures Ms. Reka Barabas, Director, Bad Girl Ventures, Cleveland Bad Girl Ventures focuses on developing female-owned businesses in NE Ohio. Ms. Barabas discusses how Bad Girl Ventures is a micro-lending organization focused on training and funding woman-owned business start-ups in NE Ohio. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (24 min)
c13 Blackstone LaunchPad at Case Western Reserve University Mr. Bob Sopko, Director, Blackstone LaunchPad Blackstone LaunchPad is open to CWRU students & alumni who want to explore their business ideas and start up a business. Mr. Sopko talks about this innovative program that is only available on a few campuses in the USA. Mr. Sopko discusses the program at CWRU, how it works, and the benefits it provides. A number of participating students also discuss their startup ventures. (12 min)
c14 Blackstone LaunchPad and other Entrepreneurship programs at Kent State University Ms. Julie Messing, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives & Blackstone LaunchPad Kent State has the Blackstone LaunchPad and an extensive array of other entrepreneurship programs. Ms. Messing discusses the Blackstone LaunchPad (located in the KSU Student Center) and the other extensive programs available to Kent State students and alumni. Participating students also share their experiences. (Filmed in front of a a high school audience) (19 min)
c15 Blackstone LaunchPad at Lorain County Community College Ms. Janice Lapina, Program Manager, Blackstone LaunchPad at LCCC Blackstone LaunchPad is open to the students and alumni of LCCC who want to explore their business ideas and start up a business. Ms. Lapina discusses the many benefits and programs available to LCCC students and alumni through the Blackstone LaunchPad program which is available on only a few campuses in the USA. (10 min)
c16 Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Ashland University Read Wakefield, Director, Morgan Center at Ashland University Mr. Wakefield discusses the many programs and activites that make up the extensive entrepreneurship program at Ashland University which is housed in the on-campus Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.
c17 Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship at Hiram College Ms. Kay Molkentin, Director, Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship Ms. Molkentin discusses the many programs and activities that make up the extensive Entrepreneurship program at Hiram College and how it has been integrated into virtually all Hiram academic disciplines, as well as into the greater Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of NE Ohio.
c18 Braintree Business Development Center Dr. Bob Cohen, CEO and the team at Braintree Serving all of NE Ohio from Mansfield, Braintree helps develop technology based business as one of the Edison Incubator centers in Ohio. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Leach discuss Braintree's focus on incubation, counseling, networking & education, providing access to capital and serving Northeast Ohio as part of the JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network.
c19 Flash Starts Mr. Charles Stack, Co-Founder & CEO FlashStarts is a Cleveland startup accelerator, consultancy and venture fund. FlashStarts is focused on unique and innovative uses of software and technology in fields such as Healthcare IT, Enterprise DataAnalyics, Digital Media, Financial Services, Fashion Tech and the Performing Arts.
c20 GLIDE (Great Lakes Innovation & Development Enterprise) Mr. Clif Reynolds & Mr. Dennis Cocco, Co-Directors Based in Elyira, the GLIDE program makes an impact on all of NE Ohio. Co-Directors of the GLIDE Technology Incubator in Elyira on the campus of Lorain County Community College, Mr. Cliff Reynolds and Mr. Dennis Cocco discuss the GLIDE program and what it's like and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. (16 min)
c21 Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC) Mr. Tom Sudow, Director, Business Development GCIC promotes the economic development of NE Ohio's world leading cardiovascular R & D health systems and institutions. Mr. Sudow discusses the key role that the GCIC plays in the commercialization of technologies, and the formation, attraction and development of cardiovascular companies to create jobs in Ohio. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (15 min)
c22 LaunchHouse Mr. Dar Caldwell, Director of Entrepreneurship / Partner LaunchHouse is a business accelerator and collaborative entrepreneurial co-working space in Shaker Heights making an impact on Cleveland's Eastside. Mr. Caldwell discusses LaunchHouse's many activities and its own thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and takes you on a walking tour of the facility.
c23 Lighthouse Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP) at LaunchHouse Various Contributors Lighthouse is the first true high school business accelerator in the nation. Founded by three students in collaboration with LaunchHouse (see above), LEAP is the first program of its kind in the country. Three of its officers and two officers from LaunchHouse discuss what the program offers and how it works. (10 min)
c24 Lorain County Community College Digital Fabrication Lab Ms. Kelly Zelesnik, Dean of Engineering & Information Technologies and Mr. Scott Zitek, Asst. Professor LCCC Fab Lab was the 2nd of its kind in the USA. It is open to both LCCC students and the public. LCCC Engineering Dean Zelesnik and Prof. Zitek discuss LCCC's Fab Lab and its capabilities, then take the viewer on a walking tour of the Lab, both explaining and demonstrating the workings of the many prototyping machines. (14 min)
c25 The MAGNET Incubator Mr. David Crain, Director of Entrepreneurial Services , MAGNET The MAGNET Incubator focuses on advanced engineering & manufacturing in NE Ohio. Mr. Crain talks about the purpose, workings and some of the success stories at the Incubator at MAGNET which focuses on advanced engineering & manufacturing startups. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (30 min)
c26 Bizdom and Dan Gilbert's Rock Ventures Family of Companies Mr. Len Komoroski, Cleveland Cavaliers CEO and Mr. Ethan Cohen, Leader of the Bizdom program in Cleveland Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers has assembled a network of more than 110 businesses including Quicken Loans and the Cavaliers. The network also includes the Bizdom program in Cleveland which incubates and investments in a continuinh steam of startup companies.
c27 Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) Dr. Michael Heil, President, Ms. Ann Heyward, VP and other staff at the OAI The OAI is the face and catalyst for Ohio's large Aerospace Industry. Dr. Heil and staff discuss the mission and working of the OAI, and its research, educational and commercialization role it plays with Ohio's Aerospace contractors, research organizations and research universities.
c28 Small Entrepreneur & Economic Development Clinic at the University of Akron Mr. Gary Spring, Director, SEED Legal Clinic and others SEED Legal Clinic provides low cost legal services to entrepreneurs & startups. Mr. Spring, and Clinic staff members and clients discuss the procedures and benefits of receiving very low cost legal services to support small entrepreneurial start-ups who can't afford needed legal services. (16 min)
c29 Richard Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems Mr. Chris Mather, Director Enterprise Development at LCCC The SMART Center for Microsystems is a unique resource center for NE Ohio. The SMART Center is an industry-focused resource, located at Lorain County Community College, for developing Micro Electronic Mechanical System (MEMS), sensors, and microsystems into commercial products. Mr. Mather discusses the mission and workings of this important NE Ohio resource. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (24 min)
c30 Bio Ohio Mr. John Lewis, President & CEO, Bio Ohio BioOhio builds/accelerates bioscience industry, research & education in Ohio.
Mr. Lewis discusses the mission, work, programs and success stories of Bio Ohio which is a lead organization for the bioscience community in Ohio.
c31 Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center Mr. Chris Mather, CEO, National Initiatives The Tech Belt Energy Center is an energy-focused incubator serving NE Ohio. Mr. Mather talks about NE Ohio's robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and the TechBelt Energy Innovation Center serving NE Ohio from Warren, OH. TechBelt is particularly focused on Energy & Natural Resources, as well as the Power Grid connectivity. (Filmed in front of a high school audience.) (25 min)
c32 Think [box] Innovation Center at Case Western Reserve University Mr. Ian Charnas, Operations Manager, think {Box} CWRU's think [Box] Innovation Center is one of the most robust in the world. Mr. Charnas discusses and walks you through the World Class Innovation Center at Case Western Reserve University. Open to CWRU faculty and students, as well as the general public, Mr. Charnas and CWRU students demonstrate some of the many applications of the Center. (22 min)
c33 Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) Mr. Jim Cossler, CEO and Ms. Barb Ewing, COO of the YBI YBI has been recognized as the best University affiliated business incubator in the world. With an emphasis on Business to Business software, and now additive manufacturing, the YBI has developed a huge support network and assembled a extensive network of on-site talent that make the YBI and its many companies a successful enterprises. (24 min)
c34 Sundown Rundown-Mansfield The Sundown Rundown Team Sundown Rundown brings entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and talent together to make great connections and build some businesses. In Mansfield, Sundown Rundown holds monthly Wednesday night business pitch competitions in Mansfield at the Old Bag of Nails Pub. Sundown Rundown also has chapters in Columbus, Akron, Canton, and New Albany.